Monday, December 26, 2011


When you can call a friend and tell her everything about your day, no matter how insane or close to death-defying it may have been, it always feels good to have it all off your chest. As if dumping all of the stress from one soul to another made a physical difference in one's life, it feels just plain good. In a way, you might feel bad because you've taken a solid hour out of life to rant about what is bothering you. In truth, it is an effective way to be a real friend; whether or not you're on the listening end of the conversation.

The longer I am a friend, the more I see that talking is just as important as listening.

I want to know all I can about this person who I love, so I listen.
I also want to be all I can be for this person who I love, so I talk.

It's like a phone call that is all about you, but in the end, your friend thanks you for being there for her. No anger. No stress. No pity. Just thankfulness. Somehow that erases all you expect to hear while talking about your own personal struggles. There is no "It will be okay." or "I'll see you through it." There is only "Thank you for being there." What for? I get a thank-you for struggling? For telling you everything? No. Rarely does it matter in a friendship how much you go through, but how much you are both there for each other. It really doesn't matter what you go through, because you will always be friends and even in your down days, you will be there. You will still exist as that friend, you will still have a relationship. You are still there. Always there. You are you and you are there... and I don't need anything more than that. It's a never-ending circle of loyalty and devotion that only the sweetest of friendships get to experience and enjoy.

It's a friendship like this that is worth far more than any precious treasure. It is worth more than words or a blog post. A friendship like this is only worth... well... it's priceless.

Here's to that friend who taught this to me. I love you.


  1. who would this be about??

    1. A very good friend of mine. I think it's appropriate to leave them anonymous on a public blog, for privacy reasons. ;)

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