Monday, January 9, 2012

Freewriting Fun

Creative Writing Class Assignment

These are today's creative freewriting exercises. Just thought I'd share. It was a mind-opening (and fun) exercise! We were given only 5 minutes per section to develop an idea and compose about half a page of hand-written text. Here are my submissions:

What Animal Are you Most Like?

If I were to take the form of an animal, I would find myself being like that of a giraffe. Though I am not physically tall, I have a high perspective of the world - taking in all I am able to see from my point of view and looking down on it - not with a proud heart, but with one that is grateful that I may live in such a place and survive in it.

What Animal Are You Least Like?

Comparing my life to that of an animal, I would find myself to be least like the sloth. Tendencies in my lifestyle are opposite of those possessed by this animal. Being slow to move, hasty to relax - such are not parts of my life. I enjoy and thrive in staying active, keeping busy and being in a constant state of work and moving.

What Plant Are You Most Like?

If I had petals, green leaves and a long stem, I would resemble a plant that looks like a flower, but is indeed... a weed. A dandelion is bright and holds attractive qualities, but it does not merit a standing in a flower category. I am like a dandelion. I may have abilities or qualities that stand out, but I am simple and not part of any type of high society.

What Plant Are You Least Like?

My life in, oddly, a plant form, would be least like that of a rose. A rose is extremely beautiful. I am a simple person. Everything about me is simple and plain. A rose symbolizes deep emotions and beauty and while I may aspire to be like that of a rose, I am not.

What Color Are You Most Like?

The color wheel holds many shades and degrees of color. If this wheel was the cycle of my life, there would be one color: blue. Blue is a calm color with deep feeling. I am a calm person who certainly possesses deep feelings, but they appear as almost neutral. Some days, I may be bright, dark or nearly non-existent. Blue represents my emotional side tied in with my everyday lifestyle.

What Color Are You Least Like?

Colors always complement, but they also always contrast. A contrast color to my lifestyle would be black. This color holds a mysterious "nothingness" to it that represents the unknown - death, fear, loneliness. All of these hold unknown qualities. I am opposite to this color because I seek to make known all questions, to resolve all problems and to keep my lifestyle from any dark area of feeling or thinking.

What Number Are You Most Like?

Numbers allow us to count any amount of things. They also represent many things - such as my life or lifestyle. I am most like the number one. A single number, standing as a representation of one thing at a time. In life, I find the most beneficial way of conducting and composing myself is to take everything one day and one step at a time. It helps me be precise in every moment.

What Mineral Are You Most Like?
(Our teacher had no knowledge of minerals and told us that if we didn't either, we had to simply write something related to minerals that we could think up for this section)

What is a mineral? My knowledge of such things is limited, all except for the fact that I know it is part of what makes up a bigger thing - earth. I am like any type of mineral. Me and my life - who I am - makes up a small part of society and this world. Whatever I may be, I fit in and am useful somewhere. After all, we all have a purpose, like every mineral.

And so concludes ENGL 1150 - Creative Writing - Day One.

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